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Filming Florida Productions offers a wide range of videos, film, and photography services.

Including, but not limited to:

Movie Productions, BTS Footage, Interviews, Business Commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries, Fashion Shows, Conventions, and any service you have that needs a production!

Click here for more about us and to see sample of our work.

Text Message (short film)

Our short film 'Text Message" was in film festivals and got nomenated 3rd place for best local short! Click above to watch trailer.

We are scouting for talent

Models, Actors, Spokesmodels, and more. Click above for more and to be scouted.

DELUXE Casting Call

Movie called "DELUXE"! Click above to audition for the casting and find more info.

Reality Show

We are working on a reality show for 2020. If you want to be on our reality show, click on "We are scouting for talent" or above for interview. More to come!


COPE -Council on Opioid Prevention and Education is a coalition of organizations that are passionate about prevention and addressing the Opioid abuse and overdose epidemic that has become a crisis.

A chosen child of Romania

Casting a short based on an action thriller inspired by a true story of child trafficking.

Full Service Production

We have the latest in camera, audio, and lighting equipment, including aerial drones and state of the art editing software.

Full Service Studio

Green Screen Studio Available.
Lights, Camera, and Action!

Events and nightlife Promotions

We can promote, film your venues and events for optimal exposure.

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