Edwin is a middle-aged man haunted by his feelings of inadequacy and jealousy: he dreams of his girlfriend, Nadine driving in a sports car with a handsome, robust young man. The dream ends in a terrible consequence. Edwin wakes to face the day: He has a quick breakfast with Nadine and grills her about who she's been seeing. Despite his insinuations of her infidelity, Nadine offers unconditional love. At the office, Edwin's mundane interactions with friends and coworkers are interrupted by visions and coincidences which remind him of his dream. Edwin seeks out the mystery man who he believes is carousing with Nadine. Will his suspicions be confirmed or will the dream's clues allow Edwin to see the error in his ways before their terrible consequences are actualized?

Text Message Poster

Sarasota Film Festival 2012

Text Message was in the Sarasota Film Festival 2012 as a local short film.